Wow. Trained a client this morning after another
session of Michigan’s Premier Women Bootcamps
and came up with a great quote.

“Small Failures Lead To Huge Disasters”

Love it.

Think about it. Daily small failures in your eating
or exercising can lead to weight gains or loss
of lean muscle tissue. Both of which would be
huge disasters in your quest for a healthy life.

Little things make a difference. Another of my
clients has been fighting to get rid of that last
10-12 pounds. Just fighting. Well the little things
she was eating that weren’t in the plan I laid out for
her made all the difference. Not enough to gain
weight but enough to stop her from losing fat.
I got her to take them out of her diet (pleading)
and in the last 2 weeks she has dropped another
7 pounds!!

The little things do decide whether you have
Failure or Success.

Kick it for 2 months and see the results.

Love ya,
Brenda Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Premier Bootcamps
Your Fat Loss Expert

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