Excited—we will be opening our second bot camp location.

We will be in Livonia at Livonia Ultimate Gymnasticz on Levan & 96.

This is a great location as it is 100yards off of 96 and so easy to get to
and back on 96.

The facility is awesome. The spring floor is like walking on a firm cushion.
This will be so kind to your joints!! We are really excited about partnering
with Livonia Ultimate Gymnasticz and Michigan Women Boot Camps to
bring Michigan another prime indoor women only boot camp facility.

Right now we will only have sessions at 5:45am M-F with the plan of
adding a 9am session 3 days a week for mothers after their children
are off to school.

Super excited to be able to reach more women and give them the body
they dream of. So thank you Peggy and the gang at Livonia Ultimate Gymnasticz
and to all our ladies who are going to be able to take advantage of this awesome

2011 is your best year coming.

Love ya,


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