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Awesome Pancakes You Can Eat

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

I love breakfast. I mean I go to bed at night just so I can
get up for breakfast.
I just love to sit down, relax, and start the day with breakfast.
Man, I love breakfast.

Well we know this is the most important meal of the day – it starts
us off with energy, and it puts protein in our bodies so we are in
an anabolic state instead of a catabolic if we don’t eat.

One of my favorite hot meals is pancakes. Yes pancakes.
Not your flour, grease, and butter ones. Oh no grasshopper.

Here is my recipe for my healthy, stomach sticking, awesome
hot cakes.

In a mixing bowl combine 1 cup oatmeal( I have blended oatmeal first),
1 cup blueberries, and 1/1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder,
2 egg whites, and a table spoon of yogurt.

Stir this up and pour onto a hot pan that has been sprayed with
a small amount of non-stick spray. Cook 2-3 minutes on one side
and flip and cook 2 minutes other side.

Put on your plate and use a “simply fruit” preserves to spread on
top. (Randy uses natural peanut butter).

I have also used pineapple for the fruit and it is awesome also.

Give this a try and let me know how you like them.

And if you have any healthy recipes to share please do so as
we have many people world wide looking for healthy alternatives
to eat.

Love ya,
Brenda Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

I am really enjoying my summer. It is a beautiful time of the year
that I love being outside and working in the yard and soaking up
that awesome sun. I fee so good when I am getting sunshine on
me (must be the vitamin D and serotonin) and getting my hands
all dirty (minerals absorbed?). But I do love it.

My husband Randy just laughs and enjoys seeing me get all dirty
and smile from ear to ear.

I hope you have the energy and vibrancy to be outside this summer
and enjoy the weather as much as I do.

I must say we are using our grill a lot this year. And we love eating
healthy. This is one of the reasons I have so much energy and can
go all day. People often marvel at my pace I keep, but I believe if
they ate as well as me and exercised, they too would reach a new
level of energy and endurance.

But I will say the mind and mental attitude has a lot to do with me
also. I do not harbor negative thoughts, I am always positive, and I
am one who has very high faith. Randy class me his faith warrior.

So get outside, get a smile on, and grill some salmon. Or grill up a nice
chicken breast and some vegetables. Ohhh, how about some turkey
burgers I wrote about a week or so age. Now those are awesome.

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Monday, June 29th, 2009

It might not be what you think.

It isn’t exercise.

Not a super food that will help you burn fat.

It’s not even a revolutionary exercise machine from Sweden!

It’s the one thing we all need at some level to succeed.

It’s Social Support.

Whether it is the support of your family, your friends, co-workers,
or others who have the same goals as you. Leaning on others who
are experiencing the same challenges or celebrating the same
successes as you is very important.

Why do you think fitness bootcamps are so popular?

Why social groups on Google and Yahoo and other sources are
so popular? Why do you think Weight Watchers is so popular?

It’s the social support we all want to be a part of. Being a part of
something important and special that others are involved in
motivates us to work harder so we can ‘brag’ about our successes
and it is acceptable.

If you find you are struggling to lose weight or reach any goal for that
matter and are going at it alone, try searching for others who are like
minded and feed off from each other. Leverage each others experiences,
celebrate each others successes. And reach your goal together. Set
your mind on the right path and your body will follow.

Check out the Better Life Bootcamps now!

Your Fat Loss Success Plan

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

P.S. Bring a friend and get your month free!!

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Saturday, June 27th, 2009

In all areas of life you have the “5 P’s” that will determine your success.
I am going to deal with fat loss and fitness.

So let’s start with what are the 5 P’s?

Here you go: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Think about it.

So in fat loss the number 1 excuse I hear is “I don’t have time to eat”,
followed by “It’s too hard to eat good.”

We will attack this very simply and easily. I will tell you what I do.
Now remember I own my own business, run 3 boot camps a day, 2
exercise classes, train clients, train dogs, take care of my house,
take care of the gym, take care of my husband!My schedule is
usually 3:30am til 9:00pm. Oh, and I have time to eat and eat right!

Sunday night is my preparation night for the coming week. I can
pretty much take care of all my meals at one time. How is that?

It is just as easy to cook 14 chicken breasts as one-right? What
about 14 sweet potatoes? What about making a whole box of
brown rice instead of 1 serving?Hey and I can cut up veggies
and store them in baggies in fridge.

So I just cooked 2-3 meals a day for me for the week. I will
throw in some yogurt, oatmeal, fruit along the way for snacks.
And I always have the whole 1 minute it takes to make a protein
drink!! I praise God for tupperware and for a fridge, and for
rewarming food the all important microwave.

Now can you do that? Of course you can. So no more excuses,
you can do this and be a healthy role model for your family and
friends and actually have more time to spend with them.

So get a planning and do your “5 P’s” and be a testimony for
health and fitness.

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Ok, so you know Vitamins and Minerals are important. Most every
woman knows that.

However, not everyone understands WHY they are so important
for their body. So I recently asked Registered Dietitian Jayson
Hunter to give us the easy rundown on the Top Women’s Vitamins.
Here’s what he had to say:

Vitamin A – This vitamin contributes to the health of you eyes,
skin and nails.

Vitamim B – While B Vitamins are often referred to as “energy vitamins”
they don’t actually give you a surge of energy, per se. What they
actually do is help facilitate metabolic reaction in the body to create
energy. They’re also necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin C – This women’s vitamin is a great antioxidant and immune
system booster. It also helps skin health.

Vitamin D – Helps women absorb calcium. And it may help prevent
certain types of cancer.

calcium – It’s actually a mineral not a vitamin. And as most women
know already, it improves bone density.

Pretty simple, right? But you can also see why it’s so important to
understand vitamins for women. When we understand the reasons
to make healthier choices it helps us make them.

Now, I get asked all the time by women which vitamin supplements,
if any, they need to be taking. Great question.

Well, if your nutrition is 100% perfect all the time then you probbaly
don’t need to take any.

But that’s not the case for most women. Most women are busy as
heck and don’t always find the time for proper nutrition. So if that’s
the case with you I recommend taking a Whole Foods based Multi-Vitamin.
And the only one I recommend is Prograde Nutrition’s VGF 25+ for Women.

It’s actually really cool because it’s literally made from 25 veggies, greens
and fruits. You should definitely check out Prograde’s Women’s Vitamins


At the very top of the page is the list of ingredients. You can see the 25 whole foods they use to make VGF 25+ for Women.

Love Ya,
Your health & Fitness Expert

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Thursday, June 18th, 2009

A question I get alot is “Brenda, how hard should I exercise? I mean
do I really need to work hard?”

Well the answer is if you really want to reach your goals quickly and
get there fast–yes.

Now there are 3 ways to increase, duration, frequency, and intensity.

Intensity will get you there quickest. By intensity, if you are 60 pounds
over weight and walking up a hill makes you huff and puff and glad you got
to the top–well that is working it. But if you are in great shape and you need
to sprint up that hill to push yourself then that is what you need to do.
Intensity is different for each individual. This is why when I design the
sessions for Michigan Women Boot Camps I design them so what ever level
you are at you can push yourself above what is comfortable for you.

I always stress you are here for yourself and not competing with anyone
but yourself. By adding weight training to cardio, and throwing in some cross
training body exercises you get the best of everything and can train at an
intense level for you.

So when you exercise you want to “get out of the boat” and push yourself
at a level that you wouldn’t normally do. Safety first of course.

I love pushing myself and seeing what I can accomplish in a workout. And I
have clients who just coming to the Michigan Women Boot Camps is a big
step, let alone actually working, they are pushing themselves past their
comfort zone.

I will say one thing, every boot camp session we do I see women at the end
of 4 weeks doing hings they thought impossible before they came. And that
right there is the secret, get started and don’t quit. I guarantee you will see
a great change in just a 4 week period.

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Michigan Woman Boot Camp Update

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Let me update you on what is going on in our awesome sessions.

We gave up processed food for homework last week. Some felt
the struggle as they didn’t realize how much processed food
they ate until they tried to cut it out. But they all gave it their
beat effort and were rewarded by a drop in the scale. Congrats.

We did start up a new boot camp- a co-ed one– by popular demand.
We had 36 people show up for the opening session. Whew, what a crew.
Loved every second of it. And it was great seeing some men out there
bettering themselves.

Right now we are running 5:30am, 5:45pm, and a 6:45pm sessions. And a
Saturday session at 7:30. We are also running a corporate boot camp for
national headquarters for a company 3 days a week.

I am looking into starting another session at either 8:30 or 9:00am, suggestions

Oh, and we will be going out to Northville sooner than expected it loks like! Yea
for those of you in that area.

So remember; Lose Weight – Get Fit – Have Fun!!

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Michigan Boot Camps For Women

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009


Well the boot camps for women is celebrating our year anniversary.
It has been a very successful year. We have had clients lose up to
60 pounds! We have seen the bodies transform before our eyes!
We have seen strength increase 10 fold! Women came in doing zero
push-ups on their knees now doing 30 push-ups on their toes!
We have seen women go from not being able to brisk walk 1/2 mile to
running it in 4 minutes!

These are just some of the testimonies. We have women change their
whole families health for the better.

Now that we offer a co-ed boot camp we have husbands and brothers
coming out to get what the women have!

I am simply humbled by the changes and results and lives touched by
our boot camps. It makes it very easy to sleep at night knowing you
have helped people live a better life.

The nutrition we teach, they are getting it. Building muscle they are
understanding the importance of it.

More than anything, they are blessing me with getting results and
living life and not just going through it!

Here’s to another great year for the Michigan Women Boot camps.
May we touch more lives and lose more fat and get fitter than last year.

Love Ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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Monday, June 8th, 2009

Ladies, don’t think you are crazy. That time of the month
can bring about many symptoms. The hormones in your
body are very powerful things.

Serotonin is lowered during this time and as it lowers we
can feel depressed, tired, and just plain ugly.

Chocolate can actually up your levels of serotonin so if
you feel yourself craving some during this time, your body
is telling you to raise that darn level. You are not crazy
and you are not just looking for an excuse to eat.

Sunshine can also raise your levels. Get outside for at least
15 minutes a day and get some sun rays. I love the sun.

Hey exercise can also raise your levels! Oh, yes. So get off
your couch, quit watching Oprah, and get moving. In fact the
best exercise you can do is interval training. This will actually
burn 9 times the calories of normal cardio!! So hey have a
chocolate bar, roll down your windows and get up to one of our

Love Ya,
Brenda Woody
Your Health 7 Fitness Expert

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love all the seasons
but summer the most.
I get to get outside and enjoy the sun, I love working in
the yard. And my dogs love going for walks through the
trails in the woods.

I love going “home” to South Haven and seeing my mother,
this is my excuse to go and enjoy the beautiful beaches they
have over there on lake Michigan.

I enjoy just laying out in the sun and recharging my batteries.
What a great time of year.

Now I will admit when i am carrying a little extra “fluff”, things
aren’t as fun. No, not at all.

So if you are anything like me that little extra fluff takes the
fun out of summer.

Come on now, you have time to lose weight and still enjoy the
summer so get busy.

Any help you need let me know.

Love ya,
Brenda Woody,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

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