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Michigan Women Fitness Boot Camps–Proven Program

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

By now everyone knows that Michigan Women Bootcamps
is Michigan’s premier program exclusively for women to lose weight–get fit — and have fun doing it.

We have been so successful that we have expanded to 5 locations now!

Yes we have women fitness boot camps in Redford, Livonia, Ann Arbor, Belleville, and Novi / Northville.

To get more information visit our main web page:

There you will find scheduling, locations, and an offer for a free week trial.

If you are a women looking to lose fat, tone up, gain strength, and empower yourself to live
a great life and you live in any of the surrounding areas of these locations come visit us and let
our coaches help you reach your goals.


Member Of The Month

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Hats off to many of the ladies. From losing their target
weight from their New Years goals already–to those on track
to hit their goals.
It is so easy to see as all they do is stick to the plan and keep
moving forward.
This month though I want to give an award out to one of our newer members.
Jessica just completed the running of the 71 flights of stairs at the Detroit RenCen!! Yes 71 flights of stairs, crazy. That is awesome. And Jessica we are proud of you and your accomplishment.
Another note we have 18 members signed up for the Martian Marathon in Dearborn. Looking to crack 20.
So far 2011 has been a great year for those connected to
Michigan’s Women Boot Camps and we look forward to another knock out year for our members.
Living Life,

Michigan’s #1 Women Fitness Boot Camps

20,30,40,50,60- DOES IT MATTER?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Does your age matter?
Well that depends on how you qualify age.
Is your age dependent on your mental and physical state?
If so–how is your physical state?

We have 50+ year old women in our boot camp classes
that put some of the 20 years olds to shame.

So does age matter? You bet it does. You can either age
gracefully and in great health and live a quality life–or
you can age ugly and quickly depending on how you treat

One of our clients Kathy M. is 61 years old. She can do 30
pushups on her toes. She can run her 1/2 mile in under 3
minutes. She can barbell press 85 pounds. Oh, and she only
weighs 126 pounds. Why can she do these things?

Because she positioned herself to. She came to Michigan Women
Bot Camps in rough shape. 1 on her knee pushup was it. She had
to walk the 1/2 mile. Lift weights-ha-she had a hard time lifting
herself out of a chair.

She came, listened, took action and now lives a life she never
dreamed of. She completed the Breast Cancer walk of 60 mies
this past year. She has hiked across the lower part of the state.
She knew she had to do something and she came to our women
only fitness bootcamps of Michigan and she worked her tail off.
Was it hard, you bet. Did she whine, you bet. Did she complain,
you bet. Did she quit–NO. That is what separates her from the
other dozens of women who wanted to take control of their
destiny’s and apply themselves. Many quit,so sad for them as
they would actually be in better shape that Kathy if they had
stuck with it. Seriously they had a better starting place than
Kathy. But Kathy had a bigger desire, She saw many women
her age and younger struggle with their health and lives. She
did not want to be one of those women.

So she worked, listened, learned and now is the poster child
for 60+ year old women in michigan, especially at our boot camps.

If you are looking ahead and want to live life and not just go through
it–than do like Kathy did. Join Michigan Premier Women Boot Camps
and just don’t quit on yourself, because we will never quit on you.

Loving Life,
Brenda Woody

Michigan Premier Women Boot Camps

Women Boot Camps in Michigan

Monday, February 21st, 2011

We are in a great time of the year. Our Michigan women boot camps are rocking. We are looking in the next month to have our second location.
All of the women from the Michigan Women Boot camps are being transformed before their very mirror. WOW!!
So where are you with your New Year’s resolution??
Are you 10% there yet? Need to be as we are going into March here soon.
If not yous still have time to get there.
Yep–Michigan Women Boot Camps serving Detroit, Dearborn, Garden City, Southfield, Redford, Livonia,
Farmington, and even as far as past Ann Arbor. Why do they drive to get here?
Simple–we are the best. Period. Case closed.
See You At The Top,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Best Women Bootcamps Just Got Better

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Oh my gosh, where have I been!! Well I am sorry I am really new to computers and this
writing overwhelms me at times. I apologize for being absent from writhing here.

Yes we are having a record year at Michigan’s Premier Women Only Boot Camps.
And we expanded sessions to accommodate more ladies. We now have sessions
at 5:45am, 9:00am, 5:45pm, and 6:45pm., plus Saturdays at 7:30 and 9:00am.

We have also finally gotten our book “Your Guide To a Healthy Life” finished and our
food and activity journals put together so yes, now when you come to our Michigan’s
Premier Women Boot Camps you will receive those along with FREE online access to Randy!!!
These bonuses are valued at $190.00.! So in bonuses you will get more than you paid for
your sessions. And let me remind you we charge upwards of $65.00 to train you
privately. That for a month is valued at $780.00. Also we have gift cards coming in and you
will receive 2 $75.00 gift cards to use as presents to your friends. We also have discounts
we are working on for tanning, nails, hair, massage, and botox. But just in what you will
be getting when you enroll in Michigan’s Premier Women Bootcamps is valued at over $340.00
plus the cost of access to us at $800.00. So as you can see you are ripping us off blind!!!

No, really, we will be giving you the best experience, the best value, and the best community
of women all striving and pulling for each other to reach the goals you set. We have fun,
we work, and we love the results. Ask Arleana—dropped 8 dress sizes in 8 weeks!!!

Now where have I been. I have started a non-profit dog rehabilitation and placement organization.
It is Better Life Canine Center. You all that know me know my heart for the dogs.

I have also started Ministry Development Institute classes. Awesome teaching and anointing from
Bishop Ben Gibert. And Randy & I are moving on other projects that we will announce later.

But my main thing is to help, help you get where you want to be.

Loving Life,

Michigan’s Premier Women Bootcamp
Randy #1 Fat Loss Expert In World


Monday, September 28th, 2009

By popular demand we are reopening up our 6am Women Fitness Boot Camp.
Michigan’s Premier Women Bootcamps now has 4 time slots available for
you to achieve your fitness goals. Whether it is to lose weight, tone up,
or to get out of the gym and get into something new and fun, you now
have more choices.

Why are we doing this? Well it is not because I like mornings, it is because
I am here to serve others. My purpose in life is to help others get healthy.
This is my purpose, and my reward is seeing you do it.

So October 5th we will start our new 6am Women Only Fitness Bootcamp.
If you live in Metro Detroit Michigan, you need to check us out.
Michigan’s Premier Women Bootcamp

And some sad news. My 8 year old pitbull Skyla has an enlarged heart. So
with care Randy and I will extend her life as long as she stays healthy.
She will eat a better diet, she will take omega-3s, and she will exercise
limited. We are also putting one of our other pitbulls Brownie on a diet.
he is just too fat and needs to lose weight.

So just like us, our dogs will be dieting and Brownie will be on the treadmill
every day for 35 minutes. You should see him on it, he just trots along
with the biggest smile.

Now if i can just get Randy to smile while he does it!!

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Premier Women Boot Camp
Fat Loss Expert
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Monday, September 14th, 2009

OK, if your goal is to lose fat, which is a major goal for a lot of us.
We also want to maintain or even add muscle to our bodies.
There are some things you can do in the kitchen that will help
turn up the volume on your body heat and burn up some extra
calories. (Now get your mind back here and straighten up)

HEAT. Yep, heat, if we can kick up the heat on our foods we
can help the body burn those calories and we can help move
that fat right along.

I am talking about heat from the food not from the oven or
microwave. In fact Randy get’s his best source of heat
from our blender! What? The blender? Yep.

Randy is in the beginning of his “51 AND FIT PROJECT”
and even has a recipe for home made salsa that he uses on everything.

By kicking up the “heat on our foods we kick up the burning of calories.
So break out the spices, get out the crushed red pepper, add in the
jalapenos, and get sweating!!

Here’s a recipe for “Hot Wings That Aren’t Wings”

marinate 4 chicken breast in 3 tbs tabasco sauce, 1 tbs lemon juice,
2 tsp olive oil overnight if possible.

Put oven on 375. Spray a baking pan with vegetable oil spray.

Now take 2 cups corn flakes and turn them into crumbs.
Roll your chicken in these crumbs . Put chicken in pan
and lightly spray the top with vegetable oil spray. Cook these for
approximately 30 minutes–get that coating crispy!!

Have a small bowl of fat-free ranch dressing and take those
wing-less hot wings and get eating.

Love ya,

Michigan’s Premier Women Only Fit Camps
Your Fat Loss Expert


Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

So sorry for being away from my posting. It is still
a habit I am getting used too. Summer has been
SUPER busy and I will make a point of giving you
health & fitness tips on a more regular basis.


Okay. Let me fill you in. We have a new foster dog–
has anxiety issues—fixinh her before we adopt her
out. Been working our on awesome house and yard
we just got 2 summers ago. Oh, how I love my
house and yard.
Starting up another boot camp at 9am, and putting
in place an exercise class for folks over 55. This will
be great.
And also being a wife and taking care of my hubby Randy.

So let’s start off with a recipe that Randy has been
living on for the last 2 months.

Randy’s Rooster Wrap

Take a cooked chicken breast and slice up in strips
Warm up 2 whole wheat burrito wrap (must have 3+grams fiber)

Place chicken on one end of wrap, add lettuce, pour on salsa,
roll up. Yep that’s it. Low, low carbs. High protein. Great
meal or have just one and some veggies. Get clean, live
clean, and have a life.

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Premier Fitness Boot Camps
Your Fat Loss Expert
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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Oh my goodness. I get asked so many times should a women
who is pregnant continue exercising or start up an exercise

The answer to both questions is – YES.

A mother and baby will BOTH benefit from a regular exercise
program. A program that is done three (3) times a week,
not 2 or 4, but 3 times a week has been shown to be the
best and most productive.

The program can consist of aerobics (low impact), weight
resistance training, and stretching. Wow, you mean an
expectant mother shouldn’t lay on the couch and gain 70
pounds and then deliver a 7 pound baby and now deal with
the extra 50 pounds of fat she gained sitting on her butt
and eating unhealthy foods that did her and her baby no

Well revelation! Sorry for the cynical attitude but it drives
me crazy when a women gets pregnant and throws all logic
out the window. They will not feed their children the crap that
they eat when pregnant, but don’t realize that is exactly what
they are doing when they eat like this. Remember ladies what
ever you eat your baby eats.

There is a great article that Dr. Mercola just published on this
and I want all of you women, so you can help your lady friends,
to read this and get informed.

Here is the article:

So eat for two and exercise for two!

Love ya,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Premier Boot Camps
Fat Loss Expert


Thursday, August 20th, 2009

How many times have Randy & I heard that over the last
30 years? More than I can count that’s for sure.

Read that title again out loud and see how dumb that
sounds. I mean you have time for Oprah, you have
time for talking on the phone, you have time running
errands that really don’t need to be run. You also know
that you will not get everything done today because
you don’t have the time and actually waste time. So
how in the world can you exercise? Better yet, why
would you even consider taking the time to do so?

What you should be saying is I don’t have time NOT
to be healthy. Did you know the most successful and
highest paid CEOs. You know the people who shake
hands with presidents and kings, the people who
work more in a week than most do in a month.
Yea those people. The ones who don’t take phone
calls or let people intrude on their time because they
are worth millions per hour. Well obviously they don’t
have time to exercise, right? WRONG!

These CEOs will block out an average of 30 minutes every
morning or early afternoon for their exercise. Why do they
take their valuable and precious time to do this? Because
they know if they spend this time exercising they will
energize their brain, body, and metabolism and get more
done in the next part of the day than you would in a week.
They have to be on their “A” game at all times. I mean one
slip could mean millions. They must be productive and get
things done, or they will be replaced. This is why they
Now back to you. What was your excuse again about
not having time to be healthy?

Love ya,
Your health & Fitness Expert

Michigan’s Premier Boot Camps
The Fat Loss Expert