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Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Okay, time for a rant.
Since when did it become okay to
carry around a roll of fat, wear too
small of pants, a crop top, have fat
roll over the top of the too tight
pants and be acceptable?
They even have a cute name for it-
“Muffin Top”. What the heck is going
You should be more modest that to walk
around with a roll of fat hanging over
your pants and think you are all that.
I mean, get to bootcamp, get eating
right and for crying out loud get rid of
that “muffin top”.
Yes, disgusting. Get a mirror, get a grip,
get a real friend, and have them tell you
you are fat and look like crap walking
around with that roll of fat hanging out.
And yes, be confident, hold your head
high, but also realize you’re fat and do
something about it.
I see 12 year old girls walking around with
this “muffin top’, come on mothers, let’s
not let our daughters grow up to be pigs.
Now you should know this is Randy writing this
rant and not Brenda. She would not talk like
this. But I have the microphone and I’m calling
it like it is.
Now get your butt to Better Life Women
Bootcamps of Michigan, get moving and
get your self ready for your swimsuit. 3
months and you won’t be a “muffin top”, but
you will be buying a slimmer pair of pants
WITHOUT the roll hanging out.
Sheesh, what the heck is the beach going
to look like this summer, a bunch of Dunkin
Donut muffins waddling around in the sand
turning stomachs not heads.
To Your Health,
Randy Woody,
Your Health & Fitness Expert Michigan #1 Women Bootcamps randy real Supplements


Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Press Release: Revelutionizing The Fitness Industry

To Your Health,
Brenda Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

For you to have success you will need help at home.
These products are products I KNOW will help you achieve
success at home. Have yourself set up for success.
You can't always be at the Better Life Women Bootcamps,
so bring the women bootcamps of Michigan home to you.
Having these products at home will give you the tools
neccessary to have your own personal women bootcamp.

To Your Health,
Brenda Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert Michigan's #1 Women Bootcamps Truth on fat Supplements


Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Too many times us women are concerned about the

scale and the number it shows. It isn’t about the number

so much as it is about the percentage of fat you carry.

Ladies, we have to build muscle. There I said it.

I am not talking about being a bulked up she-male,

I am talking about having a nice lean muscle that

shows the curves and shape of your body.

Muscle burns fat. Muscle burns fat.

The secret is out.

Better Life Women Bootcamps builds muscle, burns

calories, and turn women into role models of

what a healthy women is.

I am so proud of the women that partake in the

Better Life Fitness Women Only Bootcamps.

We had a session tonight that would make an

Olympic athlete proud.

And we had women ranging in age from 25-55, 115

pounds to 300 pounds. And each and every one of them

were phenomenal.

This is why Better Life Fitness Women Only Bootcamps

of Michigan are the premier place for women to go to

reach their goals in health.

Those of you that don’t live in the MetroDetroit area,

please find a women only bootcamp in your area,

get a couple free visits, and see how hard they push

you. You want to be pushed so you can get to that goal

of a health, fit, vibrant women.

To Your Health,

Brenda Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert Women Only Bootcamp of Michigan Randy For Real


Monday, February 16th, 2009

“But Brenda, why can you have a muffin if you want

one and I can’t?”

How many time have I been asked that question by one

of  our lady clients. Too many to count.

My reply is as always– When we get you carrying more muscle,

we get you moving every day, and we have your metabolism

kicking–then you can.

MUSCLE!!!!!  “But Brenda I don’t want to get bulky.”

Look ladies we are talking a paper thick sheet of muscle,

we aren’t going to look like the Hulk. Muscle burns fat,

repeat after me–Muscle burns fat. This is why we want

to add some muscle.

“Brenda, I walk every where at work, doesn’t that count?”

Yes, it helps. But we want you moving for a duration of time

with an elevated heart rate. Say 30 minutes at 70-75% of

your maximum heart rate–are you doing that at work?

Okay, then what should I do Brenda, because I want to

eat a doughnut every now and then?”

Well glad you asked. The Better Life Women Only

Bootcamps will help build your muscle, burn the fat,

get you in the target zone for fat burning, and plus

we will teach you nutrition so you really won’t want

that doughnut.

To which the reply is usually “Oh, nuts, I wanted that


To Your health,

Brenda Woody

Your Health & Fitness Expert Women Bootcamp Randy real Supplements


Thursday, February 12th, 2009

All right ladies, our motto for 2009 is “Hips and Thighs Say Goodbye”

At the Better Life Women Bootcamps we know the problem areas

for women, as we have worked with women for over 30 years.

It hasn’t changed, hips and thighs. If you live in Michigan and are

serious about getting in shape, go to

and register of the next session of the premier bootcamp for women

in Michigan.

If you don’t live in Michigan but want access to the person who has

helped change so many women’s lives contact Randy at .

We give out this e-mail until we find you are serious and qualify to

work with Randy then we give you private access to him and his

 knowledge. He is only taking on 3 more clients this quarter, so don’t

hesitate. Put in the subject line “New Client”, as he gets over 400

e-mails a day .

Okay ladies, new bootcamp next week:

To Your Health,

Brenda & Randy Woody

Your health & Fitness Experts

www.betterlifefitnesscenter.comMichigan’s #1 Women Only Bootcamp  Randy for real  Supplements


Monday, February 9th, 2009

Well ladies, it is that time to be start thinking about

what you are going to wear to the beach this summer.

Will you feel good in a 2-piece, or will you be in a 1-piece,

or will you wear those jeans and t-shirt you wear to the store.

Or, hopefully not, you don’t feel comfortable even going to

the beach.

I hope you have an exercise program in place right now, and

I hope you have been eating a good supportive eating plan

to rid yourself of those unwanted pounds.

But more than anything, I hope that health is more important

to you than a swim suit.

We have used the swim suit ploy to get women exercising

and eating healthy in our training and bootcamps for some

time now. They find it easier to focus on the physical seen,

than the internal health. But we know if we can get them

exercising and eating good for the purpose of looking

good, then we also can help get them on the road to a

healthy life.

So, again we ask, what are you wearing to the beach in 3 months?

To Your Health,

Brenda & Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Experts

www.betterlifefitnesscenter.comMichigan’s #1 Women Bootcamp


Thursday, February 5th, 2009

There is a reason few people reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

Know what that reason is?

It’s because they actually HAVE goals written down. The vast majority of people on this planet do not.

And not only do people that achieve goals actually set goals, they also create a a plan to make sure they make things happen.

So where does that leave you?

Do you keep telling yourself you are going to “lose some weight?” Or do you have specific goals and a plan to reach them?

Do you have a plan for what you’re going to eat each day so you’re not tempted to fill up on fast food? Do you have a deadline for when you’re going to reach your goal?

Here’s another one: you KNOW you need to be eating breakfast every day. Do you have nutritious food in the house you PLAN on eating each morning?

If not have you looked into taking advantage of a delicious meal replacement shake like Prograde Lean?

This is YOUR life. Whether you want your body to look better naked, you want to improve your health, you want to have more energy, or whatever your goal is, you MUST have written goals and a plan to achieve them.

To Your Health,

Brenda & Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Experts

PS – Fail to plan, plan to fail. Life is easy when you plan for it to be. Michigan’s #1 Women Only Bootcamp


Monday, January 26th, 2009

We all have choices in what ever we do. One

are where many people don’t take the time

to really think about it is how they are going

to age.

During the seminars I give I will ask the audience

to close their eyes and picture their life 20 -30

years from now. What do they see? Do they see

 themselves walking on the beach with their loved

one standing tall, taking nice strides, with muscle tone,

and a smile on their face. Or do they see themselves

sitting in a chair with a slight hunch and not having

too much to smile about because of the pain they

are in.

If you will take the time and effort now, you will be

the one on the beach- bright,cheerful,energetic,and


It is all about choices you make right now.

And one choice you women can make is get

involved in the Better Life Fitness Women

Only Bootcamps.

You will get the exercise, you will get nutrition

counseling, and you will get encouragement

on getting it done.

Remember, the choice is yours, get healthy now,

or live with regrets later.

Michigan’s Premier Women’s Bootcamp.

To Your Health,

Brenda & Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Experts


Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Well the new president is in office and we are

ready for President Obama’s new policies to

take effect. He ran on the platform of “Change

& Hope”. This is what got him elected in my


Well I ask you, are you ready for change, and what

do you hope for?

Are you ready to change your eating habits, your

exercise habits? Are you hoping for a healthier, leaner

more vibrant you in 2009?

The women only bootcamps at the Better Life Fitness

Center are there to help you change, and to give you

the answers to your hope.

Go there, check out the premier women’s only

bootcamp in Michigan.

Sign up, and make a change in your life and answer

the call of what you are hoping to do. 

Michigan Women Only Bootcamp – you will

get results–guaranteed.

To Your Health,

Brenda & Randy Woody

Your Health & Fitness Experts